Top 6 Collectibles That Are Actually Worth Something

Anyone who grew up watching Antiques Roadshow probably entertained dreams of picking up a random collectible at a garage sale or stumbling across a vintage toy in grandma’s attic and flipping it for thousands at an auction attended by avid rich collectors. Unfortunately, the collectibles market can be fickle, and more often than not, the bottom can fall out of a certain type of collectibles and turn your fun investment into a worthless collection of old toys. Fortunately, there are a few categories of collectibles that have remained steadily valuable, despite a few ups and downs in overall prices. Like any investment, profit isn’t guaranteed, but by investing in the following collectible items, there’s a good chance you won’t lose money on your whole stock by a sudden loss of interest.


Pop Culture Memorabilia

Always at the top of the list for valuable collectibles are items such as posters, clothing worn by celebrities, and pieces used in famous concerts or films. Many items, autographed or otherwise, have continued to bring in high prices at auction


Nostalgic Children’s Toys

Millennials have been called the nostalgic generation. While everyone likes to take time to think about “the good old days,” adults who have fond memories of certain toys are likely to pick up a well-preserved collectable piece simply for the joy of remembering. While you probably won’t make millions on an investment in Beanie Babies, if you consider toys that you enjoyed as a child, there’s probably someone out there who’s willing to pay top dollar for that item that reminds them of a happy childhood.


Star Wars

Many pop culture films have valuable memorabilia associated with them, but none so much as Star Wars. The franchise began with somewhat shaky beginnings and produced a limited number of figurines, dishes, and other collectible pieces. Older pieces in the original packaging are especially valuable, but many off-market Star Wars pieces can find a coveted space on a collector’s shelf for a hefty price, making this an easy genre to get into if you’re looking to make a few bucks selling.


Chinese and Japanese Ceramics

Lately, economic growth in East Asia has made it possible for collectors from China and Japan to seek out the costly pieces that had been carefully crafted and shipped to other parts of the world during colonial times. Pieces of this sort are abundant but tend to sell for high prices because collectors see the buying process more as bringing the pieces home than haggling for merchandise, so the pieces are unlikely to come onto the market again. If you have a talent for packaging and shipping, this might be the right investment for you.



Thoughts of expensive antique furniture might be the first thing that come to mind in the area of furniture, but realistically, many high-quality pieces of furniture from the 50s, 60, and 70s are bringing in good prices mainly because they are quality pieces. Today’s market is flooded with cheap, prefabricated furniture that all looks the same. In such a market, unique pieces and furniture that is made of real wood can be a perfect investment to bring in top prices simply for being of quality make and unique design. Specific names rise and fall with the seasons, but ultimately, collectors are looking for something that stands out beyond IKEA furniture.


Vintage Apparel

Vintage fashion has been in vogue lately. Whether because of hipsters or simply because the clothing is comfortable and unique, many buyers are willing to pay high prices for items produced during World War II and later. These pieces of clothing and accessories are not only of quality make that can be matched up with iconic scenes of historic times. Everything from dresses to handbags can bring in a good price if it is well-preserved.


The Best Collectibles To Invest In

No matter what you invest in, one of the most important elements is whether you enjoy the items yourself. While it might seem like a good idea to coat your shelf space with an investment in expensive figurines, if you don’t take pleasure in them yourself, they’ll be all the more disappointing if they suddenly lose value. If you purchase collectible items that you personally enjoy, you’ll be able to find value in them and enjoy them regardless of how the rest of the world feels about them.