Nine Most Valuable Collectibles

Luxury collectibles, such as classic cars and vintage coins, have recently become an alternative investment for wealthy investors. These valuables can help diversify your portfolio and increase your pocket change if you are ready to sell them. Some are, of course, more valuable than others, and it can be a little tricky to navigate this world. The list below offers information on the nine most valuable kinds of collectibles based on the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index.


1. Classic Cars

Classic cars are an investment that can pay you back several times over. These collectibles can sell for millions of dollars, an incredibly high price for any luxury item. It can be anything from a Formula One racer to a Ferrari Spider or anything in between. The main thing to remember is that the price points of these items keep going up.


2. Coins

If you are considering collecting coins, it is an investment worth making. Ever since the economy began to recover after the 2008 recession, coins have risen in value and now sell at millions of dollars per coin depending on the rarity, condition and material. So if you have a collection of coins that you are considering selling, it would be wise to get them priced and graded so you know the full value before taking these to auction or selling them online.


3. Wine

Collectibles like wine are a great venture to make, but the nature of wine is subjective due to people’s tastes and appreciation for certain varieties. While investment-grade wine may not rake in millions of dollars like a classic car, a box of 12 bottles can net around half a million depending on factors such as brand and year.


4. Stamps

Collecting stamps is an old hobby, but collecting stamps worth a pretty penny is a new form of investment. As more and more people become aware of stamps and the value of these items, the auction costs continue to rise, making this a worthwhile luxury hobby that can grow your revenue or increase your portfolio.


5. Fine Art

Fine art is one of the highest returning investments in collectibles but it is also one of the least steady in terms of price due to the subjective nature, much like wine. As the years go on after an artist’s passing, the art pieces tend to sell for higher prices. On the other end of the spectrum, Flip Art artists mass produce their work and collectors are able to buy many or all of the pieces and then re-sell those pieces at higher prices to make a profit. This can certainly grow your portfolio.


6. Chinese Ceramics

While there are many forgeries of Chinese ceramics, there are also diamonds in the rough that can sell for millions of dollars. Early period Chinese ceramics sell for more at auctions, like Ming Dynasty and Northern Song Dynasty pieces. If you think you may have found a genuine Chinese ceramic piece, be sure to have it authenticated before you consider selling it at an auction.


7. Jewelry

The jewelry market is less volatile than the wine or fine art market, but these collectibles consisting of fine gems and precious materials can sell for staggering amounts. The price of these items depends in large part on the import bans and supply constraints, so keep an eye on the market and any new developments to get an accurate idea of what your jewelry collectibles may sell for at auction.


8. Watches

Watches are considered luxury valuables that can sell for millions of dollars at auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Vintage watches tend to sell for more money, as long as they are in good condition. Another thing to note is that any repairs should be well documented to offer as proof at auction houses.


9. Antique Furniture

While it is true that antique furniture is not the collectible it used to be, there are still many pieces on the market that continue to sell at incredible prices. The vintage roll top desks and china hutches are not as popular with modern homeowners anymore, but collectors are still interested in these historical pieces that are fully capable of bringing in a pretty penny right alongside more popular venues like jewelry or coins.

If you are looking to make an investment and increase your portfolio, collectibles may be the answer for you. It may seem like a lot of work, but valuables such as coins, classic cars, jewelry and everything else listed above have made many collectors much more wealthy than they already were. In fact, many of these collectibles show no sign of losing any value. Instead, most increase in value over the years. There is a collectible for every type of person and if you haven’t given it a try yet, maybe you will now that you understand the value of this kind of investment.