20 Collectibles To Make You Millions

Your geeky collectible assortment has the chance to sell at auctions and bring in a hefty profit for you. That being said, the value of each item depends on age, demand and rarity of the item, but these can be incredibly valuable for you. Take a look at this list of 20 collectibles to see if any of the items in your collection could bring in millions.


1. Comic Books

One of the best-known avenues to make a fortune in is to sell collectible comic books. You may be able to sell your comic books at a great price if they are rare and vintage. Comic books that have classic covers bring in more money than ones that don’t, so make sure you consider the market before you sell.


2. Coins

Coins can be one of the best investment hobbies of all time, and one of the most valuable. Coins that are rare and in good condition generally sell better, but you should consult a price guide or grading service to better understand the value of your coins.


3. Stamps

It’s true that stamps can rake in a fortune, especially rare stamps. If you want to make the most off your stamps, organize your collection before you sell it.


4. Watches

Vintage watches you inherited or picked up at garage sales can bring in a pretty penny. The condition of any watch you sell is incredibly important, so make sure to track any repairs to offer as proof.


5. Dolls

One doll may not be as valuable as you want, but selling several could easily make you $1 million. And if you have any original Cabbage Patch dolls, you’ve basically got a pot of gold.


6. Action Figures

This covers a wide range from modern toys with few models available to vintage, hand-painted figures. The ones in pristine condition sell for more at auctions.


7. Childhood Toys

While action figures sell for an incredible amount, other childhood toys like Strawberry Shortcake or My Little Pony are also valuable.


8. Board Games

This one doesn’t immediately come to mind, but vintage board games can add up to quite the sum for any collector. Selling one may not be that valued, but several could certainly help you rack up the dollars.


9. Trading Cards

Rare trading cards, like baseball cards, can be worth a fortune. This collectible is coveted by many sports fans and increases in price every year.


10. Sports Memorabilia

This includes everything from jerseys to autographs to equipment used in the games, and can easily add up to $1 million depending on how many items you have.


11. “Star Wars” Items

These popular franchise toys grow in value every year. The items from the original trilogy are the most valuable and a large collection of “Star Wars” toys can help you reach the million-dollar mark.


12. Movie Collectibles

This can include a costume or prop, like the piano from “Casablanca” or the lion costume from “The Wizard of Oz.” Something like that is a highly appreciated collectible and can be sold at auctions for a high price.


13. Music Collectibles

Collectible items from your favorite musicians have sold at valuable rates at auctions. Things like outfits, guitars and even tickets have raked in big bucks for collectors.


14. Statues

These items may seem a little odd, but statues of movie stars, superheroes and other characters can be pricey when auctioned off.


15. Art Prints

Some art prints were made in small quantities and are actually rare. These are the ones that can sell at auctions for a decent price.


16. Books

Books can be a goldmine for cashing in on your collectibles. If you have rare or first editions of books, they can be incredibly valuable. Just make sure you research the value of your book before you make any decisions.


17. Movie Posters

Before the 1940s, movie posters were only used as part of advertising and movie theaters didn’t keep them. So if you have a vintage movie poster, it could be a diamond in the rough.


18. Badges and Metals

These collectibles can be vintage sheriff’s badges, military badges or even toy badges. It may take a few of these to bring in the big bucks, but if you have a collection it could be worth some money.


19. Video Game Editions

Even when new versions of video games are released, collectors still look for original versions. If you have any of these lying around the house, do some research to see if they might be valuable.


20. Legos

While individual Lego bricks won’t make you a fortune, Lego sets, like the “Star Wars” ones, can fetch you a pretty penny at auctions.

Chances are, you may already have these items at home. If you own a collectible that you’re ready to part with, consider selling your items at auctions to see how valuable they really are.